LS10 Limit Switch Box

LS10 Limit Switch Box

LS10 Limit Switch - Lapar Valve

LS10 Limit Switch Manual

LS series limit switch box provides a compact design and the most economical solution for both visual and remote electrical indication of rotary valve/actuator position. Integral NAMUR mounting legs provide additional cost saving by eliminating the need for a separate mounting bracket. The switch options available make the LS series suitable for use in IP65 weather proof applications and also intrinsically safe applications. 

  • LS10 Electronic SPDT silver-plated contact body
  • LS11 Electronic SPDT gold-plated contact body
  • LS12 Proximity PNP NO P + F V3 E2 NBB2
  • LS13 NO / NC proximity programmable instruct flowmeter IS5026
  • LS14 Proximity NO P + F NBB3 V3 Z4


  1. Automatic control accessories
  2. Easy to install and operate
  3. Clear instructions, easy to identify
  4. Local 3D position indicator



Material Enhanced Polymer, Fasteners: Stainless steel
Working Temperature -20~80°C
Switch Mechanical E-Switch x 2, Induction P+F x 2
Protection class IP65, NAMUR4 and 4X
Stand Inside 80 x 20~50, Outside: 130 x 20~50
Local Display 3D
Cam angle 3°/360°
Rating (Resistive load) Min 50MA; Max 5A@250V AC, 5A@110V AC, 3A@24V DC
Cable Connection 1/2NPT


LS10 Limit Switch Dimensions

LS10 Limit Switch Dimensions - Lapar Valve

Lapar LS-10 Limit SwitchLapar LS-10 Limit Switch