LPJ11 Global Valve

LPJ11 Globe Valve

Manual Globe Valve, Globe Valve for Vapour

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Design Feature

  1. When fully closed, handwheel rotates clockwise
  2. Able be mounted to any position of the pipeline, the medium flows form down to up
  3. Stainless steel made globe valve is of good anti-corrosive property and enough strength and suitable for various pipelines withcorrosive medium
  4. Alloy steel made globe valve features high-temperature resstance, suitable for high-temperature steam and oil goods pipeline
  5. The valve tests pressure and valve valve maximal actuating pressure falling in the all of various levels temperature


Actuator Electric, Turbine
Control On-off, Modulating, Inteligent
DN 10~400mm
Pressure 1.6~4.0Mpa
Temperature Up to 450°C
Connection Flange
Structure Y Type
Body Material SS316L, SS316, SS304, WCB
Ball Material SS316L, SS316, SS304L
Sealing Material BODY, STL
Medium Gas, Water and Oil, etc
Option Limit Switch, Positioner, Solenoid Valve, Pressure-relief Valve