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API 6D Metal Seated Ball Valve

API 608 Metal Seated Ball Valve

API 608 Metal Seated Ball Valve, Metal Seat API Ball Valves

LPA18 Metal Seat Ball Valve PDF catalogues

Design Feature

  1. API 608 standard
  2. Advanced ball and seat hardening technology
  3. Flexible valve opening and closing
  4. Fireproof structure design
  5. Double Block and Bleed (Metal seated trunnion ball valve only)
  6. Reliable sealing performance
  7. Unidirectional sealing and bi-directional sealing


Actuator Electric, Pneumatic, Electro-hydralic, Manual
Control On-off, Modulating, Inteligent
NPS 1/2"~20"
Pressure ANSI CL150~CL900
Temperature <550°C
Connection Flange, Weld, Thread
Structure 2-pieces or 3-pieces Type
Body Material SS316L, SS316, SS304, SS304L, WCB, CE3MN, etc
Ball Material SS316L, SS316, SS304L, CE3MN, etc
Sealing Material Graphite, Metal
Medium Gas, Water and Oil, etc
Option Limit Switch, Positioner, Solenoid Valve, Pressure-relief Valve

Pneumatic metal seated Ball Valves

Electrical API 6D Metal Seated Ball Valve