Focusing on the Sugar mills, Dedicated to Pakistan Market - a glorious Trip in Pakistan by SUSAN TANG

Focusing on the Sugar mills, Dedicated to Pakistan Market - a glorious Trip in Pakistan by SUSAN TANG

Focusing on the Sugar mills, Dedicated to Pakistan Market

A glorious Trip in Pakistan by SUSAN TANG

Having been invited by the Pakistani agent for many times, we arrived in Pakistan on the morning of April 17, 2017 for our visit. We started our visit upon our arrival in Pakistan because there are really many customers waiting for us. First we came to visit IPS, the Pakistani exclusive agent, which professionally provides the whole series of services about valve installation and system control. And there have been more and more cooperation programs in recent years. Especially this visit has witnessed IPS’s good relationship with its end users that is really reliable.

Lapar Valve with Industrial Process Solutions

Then we visited our first customer, DESCON in LAHORE, which is the biggest EPC company in Pakistan and has just held the 39th anniversary of the company's celebration. Performance lists on the wall enough prove its competitiveness in Pakistan. Besides its suppliers are also competitors in the industry such as FISHER,SAMSON,FLOWSERVE, etc. Absolutely there is Lapar. The Pakistani market of Lapar valves has been much widened through our cooperation with DESCON. 

Lapar Valve with Descon EngineeringLapar Valve with Descon Engineering

Later we visited LAHORE headquarters of SHAHTAJ SUGAR MILLS and made a brief meeting with the manager, MR.MIAN ABDUL SHAKOOR to know more detail about usage conditions of Lapar valves. Besides we also discussed torque requirements of the electric actuator.

Lapar Valve with Shahtaj Sugar Mills

On the morning of April 18, we visited DESCON headquarters for the second time. The company is so big that we really need the map for guidance, or we may be lost in the red buildings. We received a warm reception of MR.Amara Nazir and he introduced all varieties of valves of Lapar and different applications in industries.

Lapar Valve with Descon Headquartes

On the afternoon of the 18th, we visited WEMS, a water treatment company in Pakistan. The water treatment industry has always been the advantage of LAPAR, so the boss, the president of the technical department and the president of the sales department all participated in our meeting and we conducted on-site enquiries and quotations as well as various of technical discussions.

Lapar Valve with WEMS

On the morning of 19 , we visited JDW headquarters in LAHORE. Confirming this year's orders with the JDW procurement headquarters is our biggest task. JDW has a total of four sugar mills. We gave up the cooperative opportunity due to the low-price competition in the year before last year. Last year one of the JDW mills purchased our valves and expressed much satisfaction to us for our high-quality products. So this time, all the four mills highly suggested that Lapar valves should be purchased .At the beginning of the meeting, the manager MR.KHALID RASHID directly told us their 20 years’ cooperation with their suppliers. “Why should I choose Lapar?” he asked me. I tried my best to settle down and expressed my reasons confidently in good English. I talked about many topics such as the valve selection, quality control, proper package, excellent applications, etc. Finally, the manager agreed with me, and at that time I felt the atmosphere was so relaxing...........Here comes the photo of me!

Lapar Valve with JDW Sugar Mills

The meeting with AJC engineering company on the afternoon was much more relaxing. It is our old customer and we have also received the great recognition from the company. As a popular online word says, “Talk about prices with the high-quality seller; Talk about qualities with the low-price seller.” What we mainly talked about was the lowest price in the following cooperation.

Lapar Valve with AJC engineering

Starting from the 20th, we started driving to the sugar mill in the south of Punjab, Pakistan. The temperature of the day had been close to 50 degrees. The guests deliberately rented a large Toyota commercial vehicle in order to make us comfortable, which made us really moved. There are a total of 48 sugar mills in Punjab, which is the main sugar production base. First we visited SHEKHOO SUGAR MILLS, which is our loyal customer. The manager MR. MAHMOOD UL HASSAN KHILJI told us that our competitor had just come to visit them and he had declined. Besides there were some on-site EPDM valve seats damaged due to excessive temperature. Taking into account the hardships of customers in replacement, we decided to replace the EPDM disc valve with the RTFE high-performance valve for free.

Lapar Valve with Shekhoo Sugar MillsLapar Valve with Shekhoo Sugar Mills

Left the SHEIKHOO factory and we continued to drive to the southernmost city of Punjab, Rahim Yar Khan. It was 11 o'clock at night when we arrived at the hotel. While our customer, MR.SHHZAD FAISAL FAROOQUI from HAMZA SUGAR MILLS, was still waiting for us. The agent told us that MR.SHHZAD is the king in the sugar industry. And this visit makes us feel like a God.

Lapar Valve with Hamza Sugar Mills

We went to the JDW sugar mill on the morning of 21th and visited our old friend MR.SHAHID UMAR. Lapar valves works very well in the factory, which makes him really satisfied. Later we visited the control system and knew more about the control technology, operational environment of the valve and service condition of media.

Lapar Valve with JDW Sugar Mills IILapar Valve with JDW Sugar Mills II

We visited RYK MILLS LIMITED on the afternoon of 21th and visited the valve provided by us four years ago. The valve with high quality still operates smoothly, which really satisfied our customers. Especially the president of technology deliberately came to meet us and arranged for the manager to receive us with the best food and drinks.

Lapar Valve with RYK Sugar MillsLapar Valve with RYK Sugar Mills

We drove back to LAHORE at night of the 21th. The distance of the whole visit trip is 1300km. We visited the last company, Synergy paper mill, which was building a new production line that requires our valves. Knowing on-site production technologies and valve selections, we are sure that we can provide integrated solutions!

Lapar Valve with Synergy paper mill

We left Pakistan and left for Thailand on the evening of 22th. Because we know that Thailand market is waiting for us. There is not any one of the photos and smiling faces that will not make me touched. And the recognition from our customers keeps us moving on. Although we felt nervous at the beginning, we are unwilling to leave at present. This visit to Pakistan is absolutely a perfect and honorable trip dependant upon our considerate agent IPS and friendly customers. We have visited the biggest EPC company in Pakistan, the engineering company, in this 6-day trip. Additionally we have known much detail about service conditions and on-site applications and made the experience of exchange with our customers. Receiving broad recognition from our customers, we feel so proud and glorious. While I know that the glory belongs to all of our staff, and it is our strict quality control and eternal pursuit that achieve this glory. And that makes us confirm our faith on our way to success! See you at Pakistan Sugar Exhibition in August!