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LPH23 High-pressure Cage Guided Control Valve

LPH23 High-pressure Cage Guided Control Valve

LPH23 High Pressure Cage Guided Control Valve with Pneumatic or Electric Actuator

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High-pressure cage guided control valve is designed for heavy duty,high temperature, high pressure services.The compact valve body, having a S-shape flow passage that features low pressure loss and a stabilizer that regulates turbulent flow around the cage, allows a large flow capacity, rangeability, and high accuracy flow characteristics.The valve plug is structured in a pressure-balanced type that permits flow control of a high differential pressure with a small actuating force.The actuator integrated with simplest mechanisms utilizes a compact yet powerful diaphragm actuator loaded with multiple springs.

The Valves are widely applicable for reliable control of high temperature, high pressure process lines.

Size DN40~200 (1.5~8 inch)
Pressure Rating ANSI CL900~2500, JIS 63K
End Connection RF, RJ, SW, BW
Bonnet Plain or Extension
Flow Characteristics Equal percentage, Linear
Actuator Pneumatic, Electric