Air Sealing Damper

Air Sealing Damper

Name: Air Sealing Damper

Material: Carbon Steel, 304SS, 316SS, other upon request

Main Features:
– Leakage with Air Sealing
– Compact Design
– Tandem or Double Blade Design
– Square or Round Construction
– Equipped with Blower and intercepting valve
– Low air consumption

– Marine Industry
– Gas Scrubbers
– Flue gas desulphurization
– Furnace Dust extraction
– SCR systems
– Fuel NOX
– Chemical Industry
– Paper industry
– Exhaust Gas Turbine

Working Condition:
– Maximum Working Temperature up to 600°C
– Maximum Working Pressure < 0,5 bar

General Characteristics:
– On/OFF or Modulating Service
– Diameter Range from DN 200 to DN 2200 (Larger Size on request )
– End Connections: Flanged PN6, PN10, ANSI 150, DIN, JIS
– Tightness Class: VI according to FCI 70-2 PERFECT TIGHTNESS
– Operated by Hand lever, Pneumatic or Electric Actuators
– Option for air heating or cooling systems for anti-condensation application.