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Consecutive Degassing Deaeration System

Consecutive Degassing Deaeration System

Consecutive Degassing Deaeration System can process in a vacuum state (according to the selection process) using centrifugal force to make the medium film, using the specific gravity difference between material and air bubbles, the bubbles inside the material is separated, continuous remove bubbles or dissolved gases contained in the low viscosity liquid or high viscosity fluid.


  1. With continue and steady works, high-speed performance to short the working time.
  2. Closed working environment, safe and sanitary.
  3. The rotating disc can do forced degassing for these high-viscosity liquids (need do test before using).
  4. Do not to use drugs such as defoamers, only defoamed by mechanical.
  5. Fully automated operation to save manual works.
  6. Excellent cleaning performance, the corresponding CIP cleaning with high-speed washing
  7. Deaeration can reduce raw material consumption and eliminate waste
  8. The defoaming time and amount could be setted.
  9. No tanks, save space


  1. To reduce the filling Loss: paint, polymer materials, ketchup, salad jams, high viscosity disinfectant.
  2. Oxygen removing (to prevent oxidation): fruit juices, flavorings, sauces, drinks agent.
  3. To beautify the appearance and taste: tofu, chocolate.
  4. No Defoamer: pharmaceuticals, adhesives.
  5. Deaeration homogenization: chocolate, beverages agents, stickers.
  6. To increase yield: adhesives, emulsions, resins, inks, battery paste.
  7. Desolvation, dehydration: polymeric material, paint, ink.
  8. To improve color matches: cosmetics, cleaning agents, perfumes.
  9. Reducing deaeration time: Polymer materials, adhesives, waterproof fabric, the battery slurry.
  10. To improve strength: a resin molding material.
  11. Improving the coating Accuracy: battery slurry, water emulsion coating.

Consecutive Degassing Deaeration SystemConsecutive Degassing Deaeration System