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Vacuum Emulsifying Stirring Device

Vacuum Emulsifying Stirring Device



  1. Vacuum Emulsifying Stirring Device consistes of homogenizing mixing and gate type, the most suitable for emulsion, mixing and heat exchang for beauty cream, ointment, high work efficiency.
  2. Batch production type PLC control unit, can be efficiently carried out smoothly in vacuum emulsification and heat exchange work.
  3. The driving unit adopts the coaxial structure, has the ability to handle a wide range, and can meet the requirements of GMP technology.
  4. The maximum processing viscosity of about 100PaS (100000CP) medium.


  1. Chemical industry: adhesive, grease, wax.
  2. Coating: Ink.
  3. Pharmaceutical: topical creams, ointments, wet plaster syrup, injection, barium sulfate.
  4. Cosmetics: cream, lotion, lotion, foundation, lipstick, mascara, hair coloring agent.
  5. Daily chemical products: shampoo, conditioner, cleansing cream, hair wax, mousse, shower gel.
  6. Food: salad sauce, jam, butter, sauce.
  7. Electronic materials: magnetic materials, magnetic coating.

Standard parameters

Configurable explosion proof type. According to the application and processing method, the motor power can be adjusted accordingly.

Model Capacity (L) Motor Power (KW)
Gate Type Homogenizing mixing
VE-2S-20 20 0.75 0.75
VE-2S-50 50 0.75 1.5
VE-2S-100 100 1.5 2.2
VE-2S-300 0 300 2.2 4.0
VE-2S-500 500 5.5 5.5
VE-2S-1000 1000 7.5 11
VE-2S-1500 1500 7.5 15
VE-2S-2000 2000 11 22
VE-2S-3000 3000 15 22