Actreg Pneumatic Actuator

Actreg Pneumatic Actuator

Actreg Pneumatic Actuator, ADA Double Actuator, ASR Spring Return Actuator

Actreg Pneumatic Actuator catalogues


  1. Double acting and spring return type actuators
  2. Rack and pinion design
  3. Linear torque
  4. Rotation angle 90º ± 5º
  5. Anti-friction sliding bearings
  6. Long life without maintenance
  7. Total safety for springs replacement
  8. Mounting of solenoid valves accessories NAMUR Standard.
  9. Mounting of devices accessories NAMUR VDI/VDE 3845 Standard.
  10. Coupling according to ISO 5211 and DIN 3337 (Octagonal drive)
  11. Multi-function position indicator suitable for mechanical and inductive direct switches.


Name Pneumatic Actuator for Valves 
Max Air Pressure 8 Bar (The clean dry or lubricated compressed air)
Rotation Range 0~90°
Working Temperature Standard: -20~80℃
High Temperature: -15~150℃
Low Temperature: -40~80℃
Port Size 10~4000mm
Duty Cycle 0.02~5 Seconds
Material Die-cast aluminum
Air Consumption 0.035~32L
Weight 0.64~182.9kgs