HKC HQ Electric Actuator

HKC HQ Electric Actuator

HKC HQ series Electric Actuators

HKC HQ Electric Actuator Manual

This product summarizes the many electric actuator is insufficient, after improvements, the latest version of the product. Many of the key components are imported from Japan, Germany or parts, compact structure, reliable quality, superior performance.

Main feature

  1. Compact and low weight due to high grade aluminum alloy for housing. 
  2. High corrosion resistance due to hard anodizing on inside & outside and polyester coating on external surface.
  3. Various output torque from 80Nm to 3000Nm 
  4. Wide range of voltage available 
  5. Self locking with minimum backlash in the transmission 
  6. Rugged construction with o-ring system giving water and explosionproof. (optional : explosionproof/Eexd IIB T4, IP68) 
  7. Handwheel for manual operation engaged by a manual/auto lever arranged for power preference. 
  8. Easy mounting base standard to ISO5211 
  9. Standard 4 limit switches. 
  10. 2 for operation, 2 for extra (dry contacts) 
  11. Torque switches (except for HQ-008) 
  12. LED lamps on indicator monitoring valve position and operation (option) 
  13. Space heater with thermostat for preventing overheat. 
  14. Removable drive bushing with under hung for easy machining and tight connection.

 HQ Actuator Structure - Lapar Valve

HQ Actuator Application - Lapar Valve

Parameter & Datasheet

No Description Datasheet
1 HQ-004 & HQ-006 HQ-004 to HQ-006
2 HQ-006 PCU HQ-006 PCU
3 HQ-008 to HQ-120 HQ-008 to HQ-120
HQ-200 to HQ-300 HQ-200 to HQ-300
HQ-008 to HQ-030 RBP HQ-008 to HQ-030 RBP

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