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LPI11 Self Operated Pressure Control Valve

LPI11 Self Operated Pressure Control Valve

LPI11 Self regulating Pressure Control Valve, Pressure Control Valve (PCV), Pressure Regulating Valve (PRV)

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LPI11 self-operated pressure control valve is composed of control valve, actuator and spring used for pressure controlling, it is suitable for controlling downstream pressure in the pipes of non-corrosive liquids, gases and streams, when the downstream pressure sises, the control valve is closed.

The main features are as follows: 

  1. Can be upstream control or downstream control.
  2. No external energy, automatic adjustment.
  3. Simplifying equipment, energy conservation.
  4. Compact structure, fewer parts, light weight.
  5. Easy to install and operate.
  6. Regulating performance, accurate flow coefficient.


Actuator Spring Return Diaphragm Actuator
Control Self-operated
DN 15~350mm
Pressure PN1.6~6.4Mpa, ANI150~600Lbs, JIS10~40K
Temperature -29~350°C
Flow characteristics EQ%, Linear, Quick opening
Regulation accuracy +/-4%
Leakage class Metal Sealing: IV grade
Soft Sealing: VI grade
Connection Flange
Structure Standard Type, Low temperature
Bellows Seal Type, Cooling Type
Body & Cap Material WCB, WCC, WC6, CF8, CF8M, CF3M
Stem Material 304, 316, 316L 17~4PH
Spool Material 304, 316, 316L, 17~4H, Surfacing Stellite
Packing Material PTFE, RTFE, Flexible graphite
Medium Gas, Liquid, Steam and etc
Option Cooling Tank, Heat Sink, Extension, Travel Indicator
Remark Commissioning has been completed in the factory